AR + Messaging = Awesomeness

Get ready to post virtual messages into the real world with Augmented Reality!


VMESS is an Augmented Reality application enabling anyone to post and to interact with virtual messages displayed in the real world.

Vmessages reside at a chosen earth location, which let people using the application to see “physically” these digital messages through your mobile, as if they were in front of you. Watch how lively is your environment!

Vmessages have a 3D envelope. Anyone can interact with them (i.e they are animated and they react to user’s input or to certain space/time events). And, surprise! a Vmessage can be a selfie, and events, a song, whatever you feel like sharing.

VMESS revolutionize your everyday life by introducing deeply contextual interactions and exchanges only limited by your imaginations!


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The Augmented Reality Messaging App
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